PAC-AUDIO TR7 Bekijk groter


Low voltage trigger


Alpine video bypass


Latching outputs


Double pulse output


Pulse extender


Linear actuator controller


Door lock pulse generator


Channel splitter


3 in 1 timer outputs


Pulses to timed output


Turn on pop delay


Delayed amp turn off

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The TR-7 is a universal trigger output module that has various user

programmable features combined into one unit. The user programmable

features are stored in non volatile memory. When triggered, the TR-7

can turn on the outputs as a pulsed, latched or a timed output. There

are two inputs, the GREEN wire is a positive input that senses voltages

as low as 0.8 volts and the BROWN wire is a negative input, both are

tied together internally which is, essentially, ONE trigger input.

There are 3 separate outputs, the BLUE wire is a positive 12 volt

output which has a maximum current rating of 2 amps. The WHITE

and ORANGE wires are negative outputs which have a maximum of

current rating of 150 milliamps. The timed output is user adjustable and

can be programmed up to 4 minutes and 15 seconds. What makes the

TR-7 unique is that it does not use a potentiometer to adjust the timer. The timer is set by programming TR-7 minutes and seconds with

a number. The time saved is accurate to the second +7% - 8%


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